Stephen C. Meyer: The Return of the God Hypothesis

Dr. Meyer’s new book is available for preorder at this link. I watched this interview and was captivated by the intelligence and style of Eric Metaxas, he is a comic genius. Dr. Meyer was philosophically fabulous as always. I’m going to be giving hardcover copies of this book away as Christmas presents, let’s keep changing the world with the truth of Intelligent Design!

Gen Z’s ‘lack of confidence’

I just read an article from the Christian Post, titled, Gen Z’s ‘lack of confidence’ and ‘confusion’ over religious, moral issues presents major challenge

The article starts by saying:

“A major obstacle in reaching Generation Z, the rising generation that is entering college, is the “confusion” and “lack of confidence” on moral and religious issues, according to an apologist who specializes in student outreach.”

The article goes on to say: Continue reading

How is God fair to those who don’t hear about Jesus before they die?


This quote is taken from Professor William Lane Craig’s article, How Can Christ Be the Only Way to God?

“God in His providence has so arranged the world that those who would respond to the Gospel if they heard it, do hear it. The sovereign God has so ordered human history that as the Gospel spreads out from first century Palestine, He places people in its path who would believe it if they heard it. Once the Gospel reaches a people, God providentially places there persons who He knew would respond to it if they heard it. In His love and mercy, God ensures that no one who would believe the Gospel if he heard it is born at a time and place in history where he fails to hear it. Those who do not respond to God’s general revelation in nature and conscience and never hear the Gospel would not respond to it if they did hear it. Hence, no one is lost because of historical or geographical accident. Anyone who wants or even would want to be saved will be saved.”