Responding To: Doubts I Shouldn’t Have Dismissed As A Christian

In this post I’m responding to Unholy Sara’s video titled “Doubts I Shouldn’t Have Dismissed As A Christian.” Sara says that as a Christian she had doubts, and she would push these doubts out of her mind when she didn’t get a “satisfactory answer.” In my response I will provide answers to the doubts she raises, but of course, whether she finds my answers “satisfactory” is entirely up to her.

1. Why Did God Treat Job Like Shit?

The first thing I would say in response, is that the book of Job is fiction. This fact has been known for a long time, and Wikipedia explains this as follows: Continue reading


What Christian Apologetics Can and Cannot Do

Hi, I’m Jason, nice to meet you. If you’re reading this, you’re an Atheist I’m debating, and I’ve sent you here to get to know me and my position a little better. In fact, this post is where I like to begin all conversations about the truth of Christianity. I’ll be discussing why I am a Christian, and what Christian apologetics can and can’t do for you. I’ll close by taking a look at free will and persuasion. Hopefully this will clear up some major misconceptions right at the outset of our discussion, leading to a more fruitful dialogue.

So here’s why I am a Christian, there are three reasons. The Word of God – The Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit’s testimony that Jesus Christ is our God and Savior, and God’s self-revelation through his creation. I have a Bible passage discussing each of those.

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