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Bought + Beloved with Kirby Minnick

Revealed Apologetics

I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST

Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast

#STRask with Greg Koukl

Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith & Culture



How can I be saved?

What is the plan of salvation?

What are the steps to salvation?

What is the prayer of salvation?


The Trinity Solves the First Philosophical Question About Reality

What is Christian Apologetics? And Why Do We Need it?

Beware of Philosophy!

The Creator Clearly Seen

How Can Christ Be the Only Way to God? (What about those who don’t hear about Jesus before they die?)

What is a denomination?

Why are there so many Christian denominations?

Which of the 30,000 Protestant denominations is the true church of God?

“What is a non-denominational church? What do non-denominational churches believe?”

Isn’t the Bible Full of Contradictions?

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions: Volume 1

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions: Volume 2

Contradictions/Errors in the Bible?

The Unforgivable Sin

Beyond Forgiveness: Blasphemy Against the Spirit

What is the Unforgivable Sin? Bought + Beloved with Kirby Minnick

Examine Yourself: 2 Corinthians 13:5

What are the seventy weeks of Daniel?

What are the seventy sevens in Daniel 9:24-27?

Why the Rabbis Exiled Daniel (…to the Ketuvim)

Is Isaiah 53 ‘The Suffering Servant’ a prophecy about Jesus?

Did Isaiah Know About Jesus Christ Centuries Before He Came to Earth?

Top 40 Most Helpful Messianic Prophecies

If God created the universe, then who created God?

The Resurrection of Jesus


Searching for the “Magic Bullet”

The New Answers Book 1

The New Answers Book 2

The New Answers Book 3

The New Answers Book 4

The Lie: Evolution

How Could A Loving God…?

What is truth?

The blood-stained ‘century of evolution’

Slaughter of the Canaanites

The “Slaughter” of the Canaanites Re-visited

Once More: The Slaughter of the Canaanites

Why did God command the extermination / genocide of the Canaanites, women and children included?

Why did God condone such terrible violence in the Old Testament?

Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery? An Overview (Part 1)

Does the Old Testament Endorse Slavery? Examining Difficult Texts (Part 2)

Why Is the New Testament Silent on Slavery — or Is It?

Does the Bible condone slavery?

Why does the Bible allow slave owners to beat their slaves?

Who were the Judaizers?

Do Christians have to obey the Old Testament law?

What does it mean that Christians are not under the law?

What is the law of Christ?

Presuppositional Apologetics:

Ready To Reason

The Heart Of The Matter

Van Til’s Life And Impact

Tools of Apologetics

Apologetics in Practice

The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Knowing the “Super-Natural”

The Problem of Faith

The Problem of Religious Language

The Problem Of Miracles

The Crucial Concept of Self-Deception in Presuppositional Apologetics

Dr. Bahnsen Represents Christianity in Dialogue with Islam and Judaism at Orange Coast College

Where the Rubber Hits the Road


ESV Study Bible, Large Print, TruTone, Mahogany with Trellis Design

Kept for Jesus: What the New Testament Really Teaches about Assurance of Salvation and Eternal Security

Begin: A Journey Through Scriptures for Seekers and New Believers

A Life God Rewards: Why Everything You Do Today Matters Forever

Every Thought Captive

Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

The Ultimate Answers Pack

In Defense of Easter

World Religions and Cults Book & Poster Set


College Prep for Apologetics DVD Set

Seminary Apologetics DVD Set

Ken Ham’s Foundations Curriculum Set

Dr. Terry Mortenson Pack

Risen Combo Pack

World Religions Conference 8 DVD Set

World Religions Conference 9 DVD Set

Walk Thru the Pentateuch: Discover the First Five Books of the Old Testament, DVD