If the Big Bang were true, (and it’s not), this is what it would mean

The following excerpt is quoted from Professor William Lane Craig’s article The New Atheism and Five Arguments for God


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Matthew 5:19 is not an Authentic Saying of Jesus, it was Made Up by Judaizers

I should start out by saying I am a huge fan of Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen. He has a legendary status as a Christian apologist, and I think that status is well deserved. But Dr. Bahnsen was not so good as a theologian. He taught theonomy, which I will show to be an error in this post. Theonomy is defined as:

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Why I Am a Christian

Hi, I’m Jason. I should start out by saying that Tolkien is not my real name, I just like The Lord of the Rings. In this post I want to give my reasons for being a Christian. There are three reasons I’m a Christian. The Word of God – The Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit’s testimony that Jesus is our God and Savior, and the creation. I have a Bible passage discussing each of those. Continue reading

What is a Neo-Calvinist?

NeoCalvinists reject the notion that theoretical thought can be religiously neutral. All thinking and practice is shaped by world views and religious ground motives. For the NeoCalvinist, life in all its aspects can be shaped by a distinctively Christian world view.

This video presents a Neo-Calvinist apologetic: