Sleep Paralysis


My mom had one experience of sleep paralysis in her life, she was laying awake in bed, when suddenly fear came over her so strongly that she couldn’t speak and couldn’t move. She thought she Continue reading


Demonic Haunting: A True Account

This account was reported to me by my mother, who was told by a person I will refer to as “L”. L is the person who is the victim of this demonic attack. I knew L when I was a kid, because she went to the same Church my parents went to, and her kids were my age. L actually told me some of this story herself, years ago. But I asked my mother to ask L for a full account of what she experienced, so that I could document it. This is what L told my mother on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. I believe L completely, she is a very intelligent, talented, classy, nice, Christian woman, and she wouldn’t make this up.

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