Learning to Share

Jeremy was flying down West Mountain on his skis. The problem was, he had no idea how he’s gotten to the mountain, or up the lift, or onto this trail. The last thing he remembered was lying down on his bed for a nap.
Fortunately, Jeremy was a good skier, and this was a beginner trail. He quickly got his balance, and made it safely down the mountain. Thinking this might be a dream, he headed for the lodge, and saw his Miata in the parking lot. But where were his keys? He felt his pockets and found the keys in his right front pocket. He knew this wasn’t a dream, and he was confused and scared. What was he doing here? How had he gotten here?
The idea briefly occurred to him that since he was here, he might as well stay and enjoy the slopes, but he quickly pushed it from his mind. What the hell was going on? Taking off his skis, he made his way to his sports car, and tried to calm down. He tried fruitlessly to remember anything after laying down earlier that day.
“Fuck,” he said as he sat in the driver’s seat, unable to remember a thing.
Suddenly, in an effort to drive away the fear he felt, he gave himself over to rage. Rage that his own brain had rebelled against him, that this would happen to him of all people. He was a good person, he thought, and he was doing his best at life. What was this goddamn fucking bullshit? The fear of a brain tumor, or split personality disorder suggested itself to his consciousness, but he immediately drove it from his mind with more anger. And as a way of asserting himself over the situation, he decided he would enjoy himself skiing since he was here. Fortunately he was well off, and didn’t have to worry about money, but skiing tickets were expensive just the same.
He stepped out of his car and breathed in the cool windy air. It was snowing. The trees on the mountain looked beautiful clothed in white. Yes Goddammit, he was going to enjoy himself since he was here.
Halfway up the ski lift it suddenly occurred to him that he might lose consciousness while skiing. Jeremy was desperate to regain control of himself though, and insisted in his mind that this could not happen. He was awake, he couldn’t simply blank out while he was self-aware. And besides, there must be a rational explanation. Maybe he was just tired, and had forgotten coming up to the mountain. He knew that was a lie, but he decided that it would be better to believe that lie, than to open himself up to the other possibilities suggesting themselves to his mind.

A week went by with no recurrence of “sleepwalking” as he now referred to it. After two weeks without incident, Jeremy was beginning to think he could just forget the whole thing ever happened.
Then he “woke up” in his car in the middle of Broadway, Saratoga Springs. He was rolling down the road at 30 miles per hour, and was absolutely terrified. But he had both hands on the wheel, and he was able to compose himself. He was on the right side of the yellow lines, so all was well for the moment. His house was just up the road on State Street. He attended Skidmore College, and the last thing he remembered, was getting home from class, sitting at his desk, and starting to read IT, by Stephen King.
How in the name of all that is sane did he get HERE? He pulled into the driveway of his parent’s house and turned off the ignition. He sat there quietly in the quite car. It was quiet outside. There was no anger this time that could rescue him for the fear that had overcome him. He broke out in a cold sweat. He saw his hands shaking on the wheel. He saw a McDonald’s bag on the passenger seat, as he looked around the car for some clue as to what he was doing in it.
He must have gone out to eat. He must have wanted a burger. But why couldn’t he remember doing it? He went up to his room, and found IT sitting on his desk, with a bookmark right where he last remembered reading. Now he couldn’t tell himself it was sleepwalking. He had been wide awake reading the last he remembered, not taking a nap like the first time. Unless…he had put down the book and taken a nap, and he just didn’t remember it. But that was bullshit and he knew it.
What could it be? Forgetfulness? Temporary amnesia? Jeremy decided not to tell his parents about this, at least not yet. They would worry, and what good would that do? Thinking this way made him feel very mature, very in control of the situation. He would handle it. He could handle it.


A week went by without any trouble, and Jeremy began to hope this problem would just go away on its own. Then he suddenly gained consciousness in the cafeteria at Skidmore. This was followed the same day by a phone call from his girlfriend Michelle. She was demanding to know why he thought it was so funny to pretend that he didn’t know her. Apparently he had walked right by her on campus without so much as saying “hi,” and when she called after him, he didn’t respond. When she caught up with him, he said, “I’m sorry, do I know you?”
Jeremy explained to her what had been happening to him, that he had been popping in and out of consciousness every now and then. He tried to be lighthearted about the whole thing, but he felt fear inside.
“It’s hard to wrap my mind around. I have no warning when it will strike. I’ll be going through my day like normal, and then ‘pop’ I just suddenly appear somewhere, and I have no idea how I got there, or what I’m doing there.”
“Well, have you seen a doctor about it?”
“Why on earth not? Are you totally insane? This is serious. You should have told me about this right away.”
“I didn’t want to worry you, or anyone else. And I had no idea what it was.”
“That’s what doctors are for.”
The doctor had no idea what might be wrong, or what might be done about it. He suggested that Jeremy get some rest.


Again another week went by, and Jeremy dared to have hope that his life would return to normal. But three days later, he suddenly became conscious in a batting cage on Skidmore campus. Fastballs were flying at him at an alarming speed. This time his last memory was breakfast with his parents. It was the weekend and they liked to have some family time. James started to cry tears of rage and fear.
“FUCK!” he shouted. A torrent of profanity poured forth as he swung the bat helplessly. Fortunately for him, no one else was there to witness this display.
When he finally got control of himself, he drove home. Afraid he might lose consciousness and hit an oncoming car. Too upset to speak at all, he didn’t tell his parents about this latest episode. He went strait to his room. He sat at his desk and just stared at his bed. It wasn’t sleepwalking, this was happening to him when he was awake. Still he stared at the bed, perhaps because he experienced such peace when he was asleep. The bed was a safe place, or at least more safe than most. He drew some comfort from the sight of his bed sitting still, solid, strong.
Then he burst out in tears. He covered his hands with his face and wept. His upper body was shaking.
“I’m sorry” a voice said from his room.
Jeremy opened his eyes to see a grey form, similar to a human body in size, but without definition of limbs. He rubbed his eyes, thinking it was a blur in his vision from crying, but the presence of the form persisted.
“I’m sorry I’ve upset you.” the voice said.
Jeremy could tell the voice was coming from the grey form, which was gently bobbing up and down a few inches at a time. It was not anchored to the floor, but solid enough that he couldn’t see through it.
“What are you?” Jeremy asked, forgetting his troubles as a result of this new surprise.
“I’m afraid I’m the one who has upset you. I’m the one who has been using your body, causing you to wake up in strange places.”
Jeremy felt a sudden peace at hearing this. It was not complete peace, but at least now he understood in some measure what had been happening to him.
“But who are you? What are you?” James asked calmly.
“My name is Desmond. I died about 30 years ago, when I was 22. In life, I was very sickly, I didn’t get to have much fun. I attended Skidmore, like you, and my spirit is drawn to the campus. That’s where I first noticed you. You seemed to have such an exciting life. You’re tall and good looking, and you play sports. I followed you for a while, and decided I would love to live life as you if I could. I concentrated on trying to inhabit your body, and eventually found that I was able to do it. I can’t tell you what a joy it was for me to be able to walk among the living again, to experience things through a human body. But I never meant to hurt you, to cause you trouble. I found that I could only possess your body for about two hours at a time, then I would weaken, and be forced out. This is when you would regain consciousness, often I’m sorry to say, in difficult situations. I was never able to tell exactly when I would be forced out, and often I would be having such fun, I only just discovered this ability. I’m sorry you found yourself in frightening and dangerous circumstances, it was not my intention.”
“So you’ve been doing things in my body? Are you a ghost? A demon?” Desmond seemed nice, and Jeremy was more interested than scared.
“I don’t know what I am. I only know that when I died of pneumonia, I persisted. My mind continued to exist. I am able to perceive the grey form that you see before you, I don’t know why I manifest like that. This is all new for me. You are the first person I’ve succeeded in talking to. I can’t tell you how lonely it’s been, I think the isolation has driven me insane, or almost. I have not met any other minds like myself, I have only continued, watching the physical world. I have never tried to possess anyone but you, and it took me months to be able to do it. I’ve tried talking to many people, but no one has ever been able to hear me.”
“How did you possess me?”
“I concentrated on moving myself, my perception, into your body.”
“Would you please stop doing that, you’ve almost gotten me killed.”
“Yes, I’ll stop. But could I ask, would you be willing to allow me to possess you from time to time? If I notify you first? I can’t tell you how lonely and sad it is to be like this, and you might find yourself in my position someday.”
Jeremy thought for several moments. “I guess I could allow you to sometimes, since it doesn’t hurt. But you’ve got to promise me you’ll leave when I’m in a safe place, not driving down the road, or skiing down a mountain!”
“Thank you so much! I could talk with you about when we would do it, and I’ll make sure I have you in a safe place well before I begin to weaken. Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what this means to me!”
“You’re welcome. You’re my first friend who is a ghost, it should be interesting.” Jeremy was just relieved to understand what was happening to him, and to have a way of controlling it. “Do you know why I’m unable to remember the time that passes when you’re in my body?”
“I have no idea.”
“Ok, just thought I’d ask. Yeah, I don’t mind, as long as you let me know first, and keep me safe.”
“I truly can’t thank you enough!”
They talked for about two hours, until Desmond weakened, and was no longer able to manifest himself. Jeremy had asked him if he met God, Desmond had not. They discussed what it was like to be able to move where you will, to pass through solid walls, how much exertion it took to watch, listen, and move, what happened when Desmond became weak, etc.


Two weeks later Desmond had a scheduled inhabitation of Jeremy’s body. He was going to the drive-in with Michelle, who had been told all about the arrangement.
“Hi” Desmond said, as Michelle got into the Miata.
“Hi…nice to meet you Desmond.” She said.
They rehashed much of the same conversation about the afterlife that Desmond had had with Jeremy. Michelle was very curious. She wanted to know if this would happen to her when she died.
They bought popcorn and soda, and pulled into their spot.
“So you can taste food while you’re inside Jeremy’s body?”
“Yes. I really haven’t eaten for 30 years. I’m looking forward to the butter on the popcorn.”
Desmond was able to possess Jeremy’s body for the entire first film, and a few minutes of the second. He had fun.

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