Demonic Haunting: A True Account

This account was reported to me by my mother, who was told by a person I will refer to as “L”. L is the person who is the victim of this demonic attack. I knew L when I was a kid, because she went to the same Church my parents went to, and her kids were my age. L actually told me some of this story herself, years ago. But I asked my mother to ask L for a full account of what she experienced, so that I could document it. This is what L told my mother on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. I believe L completely, she is a very intelligent, talented, classy, nice, Christian woman, and she wouldn’t make this up.

L’s father had been a cop, and was promoted to Detective. He investigated a haunted house in the Hamptons that made the Newspapers. When L was four, her father and mother divorced, and she lived with her mother. When L was young, her mother rented a “dream house” in South Hampton, very cheaply, which they thought was a lucky break for them. Her mother claimed that she felt that there were “kind/nice spirits here.”

They began hearing footsteps going up the stairs, and shutting/slamming the bathroom door. The bathroom door required some special mechanism to shut it, so it couldn’t possibly have been shut by “the wind/a draft.”

The mother used the bathroom once, and heard a loud crashing noise in the bathroom, even though there was nothing physically crashing in the bathroom. She was so scared that she immediately ran out of the bathroom, pulling up her pants on the way out.

The mother held a séance to try to talk with the spirits about what was happening in the house. Her hand began moving during the séance, and she asked “L” to get her a pen and piece of paper. The mother then began writing things, but not by her own power, known as “automatic writing.” The mother’s hand was pressing very hard as she wrote, so hard her hand began to turn blue. L kept giving her new pieces of paper, and she went on writing for a while. Everything she wrote just looked like scribbles, it seemed to be nonsense. But then L’s brother came over, who is dyslexic, and he had the idea of holding the writing up to a mirror, and turning it upside down. When they did this, they were able to discern names written down, names they had never known before. They researched one name in particular, a long woman’s name, which included a middle name, and found that the women had lived near their house in the town, and was buried in the town. They went to her grave, and then checked the records to see if she had any surviving relatives. She did, a daughter who was an older woman. They met with this daughter, and talked with her. She was polite, but became angry any time her mother was mentioned, and wouldn’t discuss her mother. After this, “L’s” mother had a vision while she was awake. She said “I’m seeing a movie, I’m seeing a movie,” as she began seeing a vision of past events. She saw in her mind a fiddler playing in a corner at the end of a bar, and two prostitutes going upstairs to rooms above the bar, where they lived. One woman was older, and the other younger. When they went into the bathroom, the older woman took a brass curtain rod knob, and hit the younger woman on the head with it, killing her. The older woman was the woman whose name had been written by L’s mother on the paper, the one they had researched. They discovered that the bar in her mother’s vision, had been built on the same spot that the house they lived in currently stood. The bar had been torn down, and the house built in its place. There was an empty room in the house, and after the “movie” in the mother’s head, someone went into the room for some reason, and they opened the closet in the room, and found a brass knob embedded in the wood of the floor. Before their mother had seen the vision in her mind, they knew there had been no brass knob in the closet floor. But now, after the vision, they found this knob pressed into the wood of the closet floor so hard that it was “really in there,” as L put it.

There had been a fiddler who played in the corner of the bar, and L’s one year old niece, who was sitting in a kid’s chair to keep her from crawling around, would stare into a corner of the living room, and laugh and laugh, as if someone there was entertaining her. L thinks she was seeing something, perhaps the fiddler.

L and her sister began sleeping in the same bed, because they were so scared.

One night L’s mother was walking down the hall, and saw L and her sister, sitting up in bed talking to each other, but she could somehow tell that it wasn’t really L and her sister talking, she knew spirits were controlling their bodies and talking. So she called L’s name out loud, and the moment she did, L and her sister’s bodies immediately laid down in bed, and were asleep.

Two ladies came to the house from Dartmouth College to investigate what was happening. While they were at the house, the chandelier began twirling around in a circular motion, in addition, they sat on L’s bed, and it began bouncing up and down while they were on it. They stayed for two days, left with all their notes, and never returned because they were scared.

L’s boyfriend stayed the night in the house, on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, because they were going to have a big party for him the next day. In bed that night, he could see down the hall, a woman wearing a nightgown walking towards him in the hall. He could see through her, he could see the wallpaper through her, she was transparent. There was something about her eyes that drew you to look at them. He closed his eyes, frightened by what he saw, but then opened them a few moments later, out of curiosity. He saw that the woman had moved closer to him down the hall, and was now naked, though still transparent, and her eyes still drew attention to themselves by some unknown means. He closed his eyes out of fear again, but opened them out of curiosity again, and this time, her face was right in front of him. He closed his eyes in fear again, and kept them closed for the rest of the night. The next day, during his eighteenth birthday celebration, he was very disturbed by what had happened.

A friend came to spend the night at the house, and said that something had happened to him that night, but refused to say what, or to discuss it.

The lights were flickering on and off in the house, so an electrician came, and tested the wiring. He had the power on, and asked if there were any light on, and they said yes. Then he turned off the power to the whole house, and asked if any lights were on. They said yes, the hall light was on. He said, that’s impossible, I’ve turned off the power to the whole house.

When L was seventeen years old, she used to sit in a chair near the door of the house, in case she wanted to quickly run out of the house if something happened.

L’s brother visited the house once and brought his dog, and the dog whined the whole time it was in the house, and they never brought the dog to the house again.

What finally made the Mother want to leave the house, is that she was awake in bed one evening, and experienced the feeling of falling out of her body. Suddenly, she was above her body, floating by the ceiling, looking down on her body. She was outside her body, and then she descended, and was inside her body again. She was so terrified by that, that she decided she wanted to move out. L’s mother moved out of the house, and the people who owned the property, sold it to a young couple, but presumably did not tell them anything about the demonic activity that had taken place in the house. Nine months later, the young couple called L’s mother, and said they wanted to talk about the house with her. They asked if there had been any supernatural activity while L’s mother lived there, and then L’s mother told them what they had experienced. The young couple said they were experiencing similar things. The young couple sold the house as well, and moved out, probably not telling the new buyers anything about the demonic experiences they had in the house.

After leaving the house, and living with her husband, L was apparently followed by one or more of the demons. She was laying in bed one night, when it wasn’t really that dark, and the light from the streetlight was coming in through her bedroom window, and she saw a “dark form” as she put it, coming towards her. She says she “screamed her head off, because she was so scared,” and then it disappeared. She also felt that there was “a presence, on her shoulder,” oppressing her, while she was awake. L also began having nightmares, almost every night. She was having the same nightmares over and over, and this went on for four or five weeks. In the nightmares, demons were trying to posses her. She had the sensation of falling out of her body, continuously falling. It also felt like she was losing consciousness. Sometimes the demons did posses her in her dreams, and she would see herself screaming and flailing her arms in her dream when she was possessed, and then she would wake up screaming. “L” cried as she told this part of the account, and said, “you better believe that stuff is real.”

She eventually went to see a councilor who was a Christian in a wheel chair, and as he counseled her, he shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. She eventually accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She had the horrible nightmare one more time, but this time, in the nightmare, she said to the demons, “You can’t do this to me anymore, I have Jesus Christ as my savior.” After she said that to the demons, she never had those nightmares again.

Later, when she was giving birth to her first child, the doctors were giving her oxygen to help her with delivering the baby. She began to feel lightheaded because of the oxygen, and pushed the oxygen mask away, because it reminded her of that feeling of falling out of herself and losing control of herself, that she experienced in her dreams of being possessed. L was so traumatized by the experience, that she wouldn’t let her Children even go trick-or-treating or celebrate Halloween, because she didn’t want them to have anything to do with “darkness” as she put it. She had told her children all about these things, and they were so scared of it all, that one of them was going to spend the night at a friends house, but when they learned that the friend’s family had a Ouija board in the house, they called home and decided not to spend the night at their friend’s house.

L’s mother also made an automated drawing (a drawing in which she was not the one controlling her hand), of three unattractive faces. L believes them to be demon faces. The picture is currently hung in the bathroom of L’s cousin who lives in the Hamptons. L saw it hanging in the bathroom, when she visited the Hamptons with my mom, and stayed at her cousin’s house. L told her cousin, “I wouldn’t have that thing hanging in the bathroom.”

If you would like to learn more about demons and what they do, these two books will teach you what you want to know:

Biblical Demonology: A Study of Spiritual Forces at Work, by Merrill F. Unger

Alien Intrusion (Updated & Expanded), by Gary Bates

In addition to L’s experiences, my mom had one experience of sleep paralysis in her life, she was laying awake in bed, when suddenly fear came over her so strongly that she couldn’t speak and couldn’t move. She thought she saw a dark form at the end of her bed, then closed her eyes because she was scared. She could feel the spiritual presence of evil, and felt as if someone put both hands on her chest and leaned into her. She thought in her mind “Jesus, Jesus,” two or three times thinking his name, because she couldn’t speak it, and the moment she thought his name, the fearful feeling, the demonic presence, and the pressure on her chest, quickly receded and was gone. She was still scared after the demonic presence left, but she could move and speak again, she was not nearly as scared as she was during the sleep paralysis. My mom thinks the experience lasted about twenty seconds, but says it felt like it lasted longer. She was a new Christian at the time, just 18 years old. It has never happened to her since then.

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